Vocal Point-John Wayne Bosely

Topic: Angels/Christ

John Wayne Bosley is a Christian filmmaker, who is working on a dramatic movie dealing with these issues: “Teen Bullying, Suicide, Divorce, Financial Struggles, and Opioid Addiction.​” The goal of the film is to show how Christ is the answer. His agent notes, “He is currently producing his highest budgeted and first star-studded film, a supernatural faith-based drama called ‘Angels Among Us.’” The film is described this way: “After experiencing a supernatural encounter, a retired police detective hunts down clues to prove whether angels really exist.  He meets four other people who have also had a similar experience along the way.  As the different people’s paths finally merge, they learn that God has a specific message and plan for each of them.​” A trailer of the film can be seen here. John Wayne Bosley joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss his upcoming film. Contact: Facebook page: Angels Among Us Movie

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