Vocal Point-Karen Schoen

Topic: Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was (and continues to be) devastating to many living in Florida’s panhandle area, including Panama City Beach and its environs. There have been a rising death toll, massive power outages, spotty phone service, blocked roads, the destruction of many people’s houses and livelihoods, etc. Karen Schoen, a host on American Freedom Watch Radio, lives north of Panama City Beach. She survived Hurricane Wilma (2005) living in Broward County at the time. She said Michael was about four times worse than Wilma. Thankfully, as always, many Christian ministries and people of good will have come to the area to help as many victims of Michael as they can. Hurricane Michael is bad enough for those with insurance. It’s particularly difficult for those without insurance. Schoen has begun a Go Fund Me page: Hurricanemichael/helpuninsured. Team: panhandlesurvivors. Karen Schoen joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Hurricane Michael. Note: Schoen had to drive to nearby Alabama to be able to conduct the interview.

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