Vocal Point-Kelsey Harkness

Recently, tens of thousands of women marched in protest around the country against Trump. Several of these marches coincided around the anniversary of his inauguration. Kelsey Harkness (@kelseyjharkness) of the Heritage Foundation attended the DC version of the Women’s March and wrote about it in a piece called “I Went to the Women’s March. Here Are 11 Things I Saw.”

Harkness is a senior news producer at the Daily Signal. She notes, “Compared to most attendees, this was toned down….Fewer people, equal passion. The first Women’s March brought people to Washington, from near and far, but numbers this year were significantly smaller, not reaching the end of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Spirits, however, were equally as high.” Kelsey Harkness joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss what she saw that day (including the contrast with the national March for Life in DC that same weekend). www.dailysignal.com

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