Vocal Point-Ken Klukowski

Question. Is there a magnet at the threshold of your business, which takes away all your constitutional rights once you cross over that threshold? Well, tragically, many Christians in the wedding industry of late have been told that they MUST participate in celebrating same-sex weddings, regardless of conscience concerns, or they’ll be forced out of business or worse. Thankfully, the Supreme Court did not agree in the Masterpiece Cake case. Nonetheless, they did not address the full scope of the question in that case. Meanwhile, Sweet Cakes by Melissa was an Oregon-based company essentially forced out of business because of their non-willingness to bake a case for a same-sex “wedding.” They have been penalized $135,000+ for simply declining some business because their faith would not allow them to continue to do that. Ken Klukowski, a constitutional attorney with First Liberty, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the Sweet Cakes case, in light of last year’s Masterpiece Cake decision. www.firstliberty.org

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