Vocal Point-Lt. Col. Dennis Haney

LtCol HaneyThere is a new drive to enlist millions of veterans and their families to be registered and to vote, to make their voice heard. Lt. Col. Dennis Haney, retired from the Air Force, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this issue and a conference in South Carolina to help jump-start the effort. www.veteransconference.com

1 thought on “Vocal Point-Lt. Col. Dennis Haney

  1. Reference the VPAC conference. I’m a Christian Constitutional Conservative & have the following questions.

    1,) Is a specific Conservative candidate, who is hopefully a very strong constitutionalist, being recommended as best choice for POTUS in the 2016 Election?

    2.) Is it also being made clear that Presidential candidates Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio are constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS as neither meets the requirement of being a US natural born citizen?

    3.) Is it being discussed that Jeb Bush, like his brother & father is also an advocate of globalism & ultimately the formation of a New World Order formed & accountable to their sovereign the United Nations?

    4.) Is voting for the DEM Party being factually & strongly discouraged based on the two candidates running.

    5.) To facilitate that the Vets vote & that their vote really makes a difference, unity is required. Is there going to be a brief political overview of the platforms of both Political Parties along with the background & vision of candidates?

    Wish I could be @ VPAC but health issues won’t allow it.


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