Vocal Point-Matt Spalding

Topic: The U.S. Constitution

There are many people working in government in Washington, D.C., who do not have a firm understanding of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and the kind of government the founders have given us. Hillsdale College of Michigan is now opening a graduate school on government in DC. (an expansion of their undergraduate courses there, which have been held since the 1970s). Dr. Matthew Spalding is the VP of Washington Operations and the Dean of the Van Andel Graduate School of Government for the Hillsdale D.C. campus. He notes, “The opening of Hillsdale’s new graduate school in Washington, D.C. is revolutionary… The political world of today is dominated by ideologues, bureaucrats, and unprincipled politicians. What we need are more statesmen, so we will teach future leaders about politics and statecraft guided by principles and prudence.” Dr. Matthew Spalding joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the importance of our nation getting back to our founding documents, including those who work in government. www.hillsdale.edu

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