Nabeel Quereshi“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus”

Nabeel Quereshi was a devout Muslim, who was seeking Allah with all his heart. Amazingly, God revealed Himself to Quereshi—through Jesus Christ. Quereshi wrote the book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. The book has now become a best-seller, with more than a quarter of a million copies in print as of July 2016. Quereshi, who now works for Ravi Zacharias Ministries, explains what happened in his life to Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point.

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  1. Hi Jerry
    Just been listening to your interview with Nabeel. It was a really helpful and encouraging. He is now with the Lord now. Tonje told me about the interview and the website.Thanks for making this available. I have heard some similar reports about Muslims coming to faith because of dreams!
    I recently had the opportunity to organise a special conference to reach out and understand Muslims called “Who is my neighbour?”
    Our keynote speaker was Bishop Michael Nazareth- Ali
    The focus of the day was the three E’s Education, Equipping and Engaging
    We also ran some workshops with Dr Ian Kirby, Dr Georgina Jardim and Imtiaz Khan who works with the London City Mission.
    A real interesting idea was the Holy Book club where Christians and Muslims are reading the bible and Qur’an side by side.
    Thanks again for your ministry.
    Take care and God bless
    Ps Tonje, Tom and little Maja send their love

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    Dr. John Fea, Head of the History Department of Messiah College, wrote on his blog: “Newcombe is a Christian nationalist,* but I have appreciated his willingness to give me time on his show….He is a hospitable host and, unlike other radio hosts who share his political and religious views, he allows his guests to speak…. I was pleased with the program. Newcombe was a true gentleman and we disagreed civilly. We need to have more conversations like this.” *JN: I believe America has Christian origins as a nation and thus allows freedom for all.
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