Nancy Pearcey has studied under the late great Francis Schaeffer. She’s written a bestselling book with Chuck Colson, as well as a few of her own. Her latest book is called, Love Thy Body. She notes: “Why the Call to Love Thy Body? To counter the hostility toward the human body and biological facts of life driving many of today’s headline stories. Many people absorb pre-packaged media mantras on watershed moral issues without being aware of their hurtful real-world implications.” She mentions transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion, and the hookup culture as examples. With compassion and moral clarity, she shows how God has made the body good and as Christians we are to love, not to abuse, the body. Nancy Pearcey joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss how the true biblical worldview is liberating, e.g., on human sexuality, compared to so many of the misinformed worldviews of today.

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    Richard Oxman of Jewish Family Services (Miami): “I received many positive comments about the show. My colleagues who watched the show were impressed by your interviewing style, your professionalism and knowledge of the subject.”
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