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Rev. Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Oklahoma used to play with the Chicago Bears in the 1980s and with the Vikings in 1990. He speaks at seminars under the banner of Reclaiming America for Jesus Christ. Recently, Blair wrote an open letter to the NFL, protesting the NFL protests of the National Anthem. He notes: “As a vested NFL veteran, whose pension rests on the solvency of the National Football League, I have watched one misguided athlete infect much of the league with the poison of his false narrative, and it has put all of our financial futures at risk.”

Blair concludes, “….alienating America is not a winning strategy. You want a winning strategy? Stand for the flag. Save your kneeling for the cross.” Paul Blair joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the recent NFL protests of the National Anthem. www.fairviewbaptistedmond.org

2 thoughts on “Vocal Point-Paul Blair

  1. As usual Paul Blair gets it correctly, standing on the right. Kneeling to protect a cop killer? Attacking Law Enforcement? Wearing a Castro shirt while in MIAMI? This man needs to abanndon Socialism and Marxism for a faith that begins with the Cross. True justice begins with the ultimate act of injustice- The Just dying for the unjust. Stand up. Hand over your heart. Respect your elders. Or……keep doing what you are doing, and watch season ticket holders abandon you too. Stadiums are already half-empty. We are happily getting used to ignoring you…

  2. Well, as usual you folks on the right have got it all wrong. How nice it must be to speak from the perspective of such white privilege that you get to tell minorities that racism quite simply doesn’t exist. Get your heads out of your self righteous butts and try, just for a second, to understand whats really going on in this country. Maybe spend less time hiding in your churches and suburbs? Look up from your book of ancient myths once and a while and join the here and now. More knees will drop for the right(left) reasons, so get used to it.

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