Vocal Point-Paul Kengor

President Trump recently met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Even Trump’s conservative allies felt that he underplayed the allegations of Russia’s attempts to interfere with the 2016 U.S. election. Meanwhile, it is ironic that the Left for decades (even during the height of the Cold War) seemed to always downplay the Russian menace. They often accused conservatives of supposedly overreacting to the Soviet threat. But now many on the Left are accusing Trump of supposedly colluding with Russia to get elected. Dr. Paul Kengor, a history and political science professor at Grove City College, has written many books on Communism, including Dupes, The Crusader (on Reagan and Communism), A Pope and a President (how John Paul II and Ronald Reagan helped engineer freedom for the Poles, a move which had positive repercussions for the rest of the Eastern Europe bloc nations). Kengor recently wrote an article, which put the Trump-Putin press conference in Helsinki in historical perspective. Dr. Paul Kengor joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss all this. www.visionandvalues.org

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