Vocal Point-Paul Kengor

There is a new movie out called TRUMBO, dealing with a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter (Dalton Trumbo). The left still has not come to grips with the evils of Stalin—who killed 20-70 million human beings. The left glorifies the wrong heroes, so they make Trumbo a hero—yet he was an apologist for Stalin, even during that slice of time (from 1939, the Stalin-Hitler pact, until Hitler invaded the USSR in 1941) when the Communists would not denounce Hitler and the Nazis. Dr. Paul Kengor has “written the book” when it comes to all things related to the failed Soviet Union and its apologists here in America. Dr. Kengor joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the issue of Hollywood and Communism, especially in the example of Dalton Trumbo. www.visionandvalues.org/2015/11/the-truth-about-trumbo/

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