Dr. Richard Benkin spent some time in southern Asia. He was appalled at the scarcely reported phenomenon of Hindus being systematically persecuted and killed in Bangladesh. He writes: “After India’s 1947 partition, Hindus were still almost a third of East Pakistan’s population; when East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971, they were less than a fifth; 30 years later only nine percent; and today fewer than eight percent. Bangladesh’s Hindus face a constant onslaught of government tolerated murder, rape, abduction, forced conversion, land grabs.” Dr. Benkin wrote a book on this, A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing. Dr. Benkin joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this tragedy. www.interfaithstrength.com

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    Richard Oxman of Jewish Family Services (Miami): “I received many positive comments about the show. My colleagues who watched the show were impressed by your interviewing style, your professionalism and knowledge of the subject.”
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