Many would-be medical missionaries never go abroad because they are saddled with student debt. Then when they stay stateside to work it off, they settle in. This has caused a dearth of many missionaries. About 25 years ago, the Christian Medical and Dental Society sought to rectify that by providing, within reason, payment of student debts for candidates who had already been vetted by some medical mission. If the candidate makes a minimal commitment (2-4 years), MedSend will pay their monthly debt. This process has allowed hundreds of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and so on to go to the mission field. Many of them have had their entire student debt paid off this way. Rick Allen, the president and CEO of MedSend, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss their work and how it has helped fill a need in missions.

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    Rev. Bob Klingenberg: “Dear Jerry: Our sincere gratitude to you for giving us the honor of being interviewed by you on GraceFM. You are a masterful host and it was great chatting with in public about a critically important issue in the Body of Christ….You surely are in your element in that Christian Talk Forum.”
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