Rick Newcombe

Rick Newcombe

19th century author Horatio Alger wrote about a 100 books after he graduated from Harvard Divinity School and served as a minister for a short time. His books have the “rags to riches” theme and emphasize the importance of having good character. He is one of America’s all-time most successful authors; however, he is virtually unknown today. My older brother Rick Newcombe, founder of Creators Syndicate, now the third largest newspaper syndicate in the world, has begun a quest to help the world rediscover the greatness of these classic novels.

Rick Newcombe joins Jerry on Vocal Point to discuss these “Stories of Success” books.


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    Gary Habermas, Professor of Theology, Liberty University: “I enjoyed very much the interview. You asked good questions & the program flowed like we had planned it for an hour beforehand!”
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