Vocal Point-Rita Mayell

Rita Mayell is an author, speaker, and “leadership coach.” Her overall message: “God loves you and doesn’t want you to settle for mediocre.” She just wrote her first book. It’s about her father, Lionel, and it’s called, 5’2” Giant, Builder of Dreams: The true story of one ordinary man who changed the world. He’s regarded as the father of the modern-day condominium. Lionel Mayell was described by Larry Poland as: “an incredible person and a powerful, world-changing dynamo…He made up for his small stature by having an oversized heart for God and others.” Billy Graham said, “My dear friend, my brother, Lionel Mayell, whose hospitality and generous spirit has meant many happy and precious hours of sweet fellowship. How God has used you in our lives.” Author Rita Mayell joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss lessons from her dad on striving to achieve our God-given destiny. www.ritamayell.com

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