Vocal Point-Robert Oscar Lopez

We’ve seen major uproars at colleges recently, such as the brouhaha at the University of California, Berkeley, where Ann Coulter was invited and then disinvited from speaking because of the threat of violence. Supposedly at the “birth place” of the free speech movement, free speech died. The problem in the universities is systemic, says Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez, who used to teach at another California state university (until he was drummed out for being politically incorrect and daring to voice his politically incorrect opinions). Dr. Lopez decries not just the mistreatment of Ann Coulter or other conservatives as guest speakers, but the day in and day out liberal corruption of the American university in general. Robert Oscar Lopez, author of Wackos, Thugs & Perverts: Clintonian Decadence in Academia, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss what’s wrong with colleges today and how to fix it. www.englishmanif.blogspot.com

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