Vocal Point-Senator Tom Coburn

America is irresponsibly racking up a debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay. We now owe $20 trillion in national debt. Some experts note that if you break that down individually, it adds up to about $150,000 per person. Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma spent years in the senate fighting against government waste. Senator Coburn, who retired from the senate after serving two terms, served on the Simpson-Bowles Commission, where “Coburn worked on a proposal to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over ten years.” WND Books has now released a book by Sen. Coburn, Smashing the DC Monopoly: Using Article V to Restore Freedom and Stop America’s Runaway Government. Senator Tom Coburn joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss our national debt crisis and what we can do about it. http://wndbooks.wnd.com/smashing-the-dc-monopoly/

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