Vocal Point-Sergey Rakhuba

Sergey Rakhuba is a native of Russia who is president of Mission Eurasia. Gregg Wooding notes, “Because open evangelism in Putin’s Russia is now illegal, Mission Eurasia—a ministry equipping and mobilizing the next generation of Christian leaders in the region—will capitalize on a closing window of opportunity. The campaign enlists Russian evangelical churches–and transforms them into community centers with big screen TVs–to distribute 100,000 Russian-language New Testaments to soccer fans who come to watch 2018 World Cup matches.” Sergey Rakhuba says, “This is an unprecedented opportunity, especially at a time when the Iron Curtain that cracked down on Christianity during the Soviet era, has been strictly limiting public missionary activity and evangelism under the guise of anti-terrorism.” Sergey Rakhuba joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this ambitious plan, where they hope to distribute up to 600,000 pieces of Christian literature in Russian. www.missioneurasia.org

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