Vocal Point-Stephen Black

A recent article says, “LGBT Activists Vow to Shut Down Christian Ministry, ‘Your Faith be D***ed’ No longer content with widespread acceptance, activists are fighting to eliminate any program aimed at helping those struggling with same-sex attraction or gender identity.” Ex-gay minister and author, Stephen Black, was the object of this spleen. He said, “The level of hatred and bullying is not like anything we’ve seen.” Black was in the gay lifestyle for 8 years and has been out of it for 35 years and is now helping others who want to be free, through the power of Jesus. He founded First Stone Ministries and wrote the book, “Freedom Realized: Finding Freedom from Homosexuality & Living a Life Free from Labels.” Stephen Black joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the recent anti-Christian backlash he’s experiencing in ministry to ex-gays from those who think there’s no such thing. www.firststone.org.

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