Vocal Point-Steve Cortes

CNN political commentator Steve Cortes (pronounced like Cortez) wrote an article in Townhall on how the boom in the economy is “great news” for Florida. Cortes notes, “The tremendous milestone of 4.1 percent national GDP growth shows that the United States is on the move again, and Florida is leading the pack. The state economy is booming, unemployment hovers around an all-time low, and millions of Floridians are now seeing more take home pay in their paychecks.” Cortes, who was a part of the Trump 2016 Hispanic Advisory Council, and is a part of the Trump 2020 Re-elect Advisory Committee, feels that the president should get the credit due him for this achievement, and that, while there is still much work cut out for us, we are on the right track. Steve Cortes joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the economy and the president.


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