Vocal Point-Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling is the executive director at American Principles Project. He writes about the surprise-hit movie, still in the theatres as of this recording: UNPLANNED. Schilling calls it “the courageous abortion film we’ve been waiting for.” He notes, “It explores dynamics within the pro-life movement between sidewalk counselors who offer hope to women and protestors who take a more aggressive approach.” Schilling writes, “All in all, UNPLANNED is a very persuasive movie. It’s not enjoyable in the traditional sense—it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will upset you repeatedly—but it is an incredibly powerful film that deliberately seeks a dialogue with people outside of the pro-life movement. This is what makes it so valuable and so important.” Terry Schilling talks with Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point about this movie that everyone concerned about life should plan to go and see. www.americanprinciples.org

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