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Topic: Christian Marriage
Thomas Ackerman has been involved in Gospel ministry for years. He recently wrote a book on the sacredness of marriage: Get Married and Save the World: A Guide to Christian Marriage, the witness of the Family and Restring the World. He notes, “This book presents marriage as both and expression of the divine, and a force for transforming all of society. It thoroughly covers the main aspects of Christian marriage, each rooted in Holy Scripture and touching on the truths of salvation and the Trinity. It is interwoven with practical marriage advice and personal stories throughout, and contains a unique Gospel presentation near the end. Marriage is joy, peace, and healing if we walk in God’s way.” Thomas Ackerman joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the importance of godly marriage. www.xulonpress.com

2 thoughts on “Vocal Point-Thomas Ackerman

  1. Thanks so much Thomas for your talk! I appreciate it greatly and I also see so much damage in marriages. It breaks my heart to see my children’s friends come over to my house and hear them share how their parents fight and then there is divorce. Then comes the step parent and most of the time the children go through so much having another adult try to manage them. It really boils down to that adults are selfish and really dont care what the children have to go through. This is personal to me as my husband left 9 years ago and I have seen him go through so much torment and his sin has left him in despair. I choose to remain single and serve the Lord and pray for my husbands salvation. Thanks again!

    1. Bless you sister. Thanks for your comment. It is painful to see what is going on in marriages, especially among Christians. God’s way for us is so simple and sweet, but the flesh rebels against it. Your faithfulness to God is a wonderful witness to others Saloma, and the Lord rewards you greatly. I pray your husband repents and is saved. Sin is truly life-shattering and in the end so domineering. Others have likely offered, but if your husband is willing to speak about the situation I would love to talk with him. Lord be with you. Shalom.

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