Vocal Point-Tim Winter

Television continues to have a huge impact on our children and youth—mostly in a negative way. The Parents Television Council works hard for positive change in the media. Their president is Tim Winter. He wrote a wish list for the new year in terms of changes from Hollywood and the media. For example, he wrote, “We believe there is an urgent need for Hollywood to recognize #OurKidsToo – where parents don’t have to worry whether or not a TV program is rated accurately; where children will not be targeted by Hollywood execs eager to introduce them to age-inappropriate content and issues; or where families will not be forced to pay for sexually-explicit or graphically violent content on certain networks in order to access networks that provide kid-friendly and family-friendly programming.” Tim Winter joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss what kinds of changes in the media the PTC would like to see. www.parentstv.org

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