Vocal Point-Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) on the Coronavirus

A regular guest of Vocal Point is Dr. Peter Lillback, the president of Philadelphia’s Westminster Theological Seminary (WTS). Dr. Lillback and Jerry Newcombe co-wrote the best-selling book, George Washington’s Sacred Fire, on the faith of our first president. The two men have a whole series of Vocal Point discussions on the faith of our founding fathers, particularly Washington. During this coronavirus crisis, WTS has produced a video, in which Dr. Lillback participates with the Academic Dean of WTS, Dr. David Garner, and with Dr. Greg Poland, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic (who is a student at WTS). The video is called “Crisis, Christ, and Confidence.” Here is a portion of the audio of that discussion. First, we hear Dr. David Garner interview Dr. Greg Poland of the Mayo Clinic on the coronavirus. Then we hear David Garner talk with Dr. Peter Lillback about church and the virus. Be sure to watch the whole video. This audio portion is run with permission of WTS. www.wts.edu

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