D. James Kennedy Ministries produces Truths That Transform, a nationally syndicated television program hosted by Dr. Frank Wright. Here is what DJKM wrote about the program for the weekend edition of TTT, October 21/22, 2017:

“We live in an era in which differences are minimized and emotion takes precedence over doctrine. Often as a result, the gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ is being lost—possibly even in your own church. Martin Luther’s rediscovery of the biblical truth of the gospel, and his courage in proclaiming it, made him a fugitive in his own time. And it changed the world.

“On today’s program, you’ll see how the Protestant Reformation that Luther launched paved the way for the American experiment. And you’ll discover the crucial, saving truths that Luther rediscovered—truths that demarcate the dividing line between heaven and hell.”

Here’s a video produced and hosted by Dr. Jerry Newcombe that begins about 15 minutes into the program:


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    Dr. Bob Barnes: “Dear Jerry: I was driving home and listening to your broadcast on Monday night, January 10, with the law professor from Notre Dame. In my opinion, that was your very best interview. I ended up listening to it all the way to the end.”
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