Pictures I took in Oslo, Norway at the Resistance Museum

This is at the Norges Hjemmefront Museum in Oslo. This book is called “Life and Doctrine: Christian Teaching with Study Questions” by Sigmund Feyling, 1941.

The museum contains a 1941 book written in Norwegian used in the schools by the Nazis. In it, they quote Scripture: “What are those called in Romans 13:1 who God has set over us? Have you considered that your parents, your school teachers (your principal), policemen, police chief, judges, the priest, the bishop, the county commission, the state government, are the authorities who are installed by God, and that you owe them obedience?”

Then it says: “Overall, we owe the Fuhrer and the government obedience. If you set yourself up against the authorities and against the state, you are standing against God’s structure and are subject to punishment.” This translation is from my wife, Kirsti Saebo Newcombe.


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