Vocal Point-Bill Federer

Topic: How the Judeo-Christian tradition impacted writing and hospitals

In the beginning of writing, ancient cultures often developed alphabets and writing symbols that included hundreds of characters. Only the elite class could write and read. But the Hebrew alphabet only had about 2 dozen letters of their alphabet. The Hebrew republic Moses led, after their escape from slavery in Egypt, began to become a literate society—the first such in the world. When Christianity developed, Christians were “people of the book.” The Judeo-Christian tradition also impacted significantly strides in healthcare, above all the creation of the phenomenon of the hospital. Author and speaker Bill Federer has written about these things in the book he co-wrote with his wife, Miraculous Milestones. This is Volume 3 of their (so-far) 3 part series on Miracles in history. Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss writing and hospitals, and how the Judeo-Christian tradition played pivotal roles in their development.  www.americanminute.com

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