Vocal Point-Marina Medvin

Topic: Socialism

Picture a seven year old girl living under communism. Her dad brings her to a local grocery store in the Ukraine, their home, in the old Soviet Union. He tells her to look around at the store and memorize the scene. “Make a photograph of this in your mind of this,” he tells her. She does. The walls are bare. There are some shelves, but the only food item is on a shelf way up top. It is a jar of pickled green tomatoes. Fast forward, a year or two. Now the family is in Newark, New Jersey—the first step in their move to America as a new home. Marina Medvin then enters a grocery store and is shocked by all the food and all the variety. The difference between capitalism and socialism could not be clearer. And yet millions of Americans, including the young, are aspiring for socialism—not capitalism. Marina Medvin, a successful D.C. area attorney and a writer for Townhall and Forbes, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the false promises of socialism. www.medvin.me

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