Vocal Point-Mary Eberstadt

Topic: Societal Breakdown

Identity politics is tearing America apart. A new book addresses how it came about it and why it is so insidious. The book is called Primal Schemes, and the author if noted writer and social critic Mary Eberstadt. Templeton Press states: Who am I? The question today haunts every society in the Western world. Legions of people – especially the young – have become unmoored from a firm sense of self. Across America, faith, community, and civility are receding, with citizens siloing themselves into artificial ‘tribes’ defined by politics, race, gender, and sexuality. The bitterness of day-to-day politics, the cruelty of social media, and the storm of opposition to free speech are symptoms of a fraying social fabric and a culture of perpetual outrage.” Mary Eberstadt joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this. www.maryeberstadt.com

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