Vocal Point-Tom Brejcha

Topic: Abortion

“The legal defense of undercover journalist David Daleiden has been labeled the pro-life ‘trial of the century,’” so writes publicist Tom Ciesielka. Recently at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., Daleiden’s legal defense team appeared to spotlight the ongoing lawsuits against him. Daleiden is the young pro-life who produced shocking undercover videos, documenting the trafficking of baby body parts for profit. Since his cmp.org videos were first released, Daleiden has been hit with numerous lawsuits. Tom Brejcha is the founder, president, and chief counsel of the Christian law firm, the Thomas More Society (based in Chicago). Tom Brejcha joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss what Ciesielka calls the “ongoing struggle to vindicate the First Amendment rights of the man who went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish trade in aborted baby body parts.” www.thomasmoresociety.org

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